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You know, what could it be? I look at it, I say, CPU load, not so bad.

Is there a way to setup Orion as the 1st scrapper when running parallel mode?

On the LUN. It tells you where that error is coming from. So, we come in here, and you could have figured this out before using data, for the most part, from SAM, right? So, instead of drilling into each one of those and finding it, or going to the application view, for example, and then looking through each one of the latency reports, going to the source of that monitor, and then figuring out what it is. And then, logging into the SQL server. And then taking a look at what the actual latency was.

And then going to the storage manager, and then saying: what is the provisioned protocol and storage type for this LUN? I can see it right here. So I now know what I need to go fix. Yeah, we had a demo script from the integration that was introduced last year. And that demo script took almost a dozen clicks to finally get down to the LUN and see the problem. So here, we just did this with three clicks. We did that demo script. We got a lot of great feedback, and then you saw us through the integration with storage, and with VMAN, where you could click on a LUN or something else in the catalog data and get to it.

And you guys all said the same thing. Which is, would you just create some resources and put that in there? Okay, so, yeah, there it is. Which was, how does it know how to hook all this up? And then the connection with SRM and storage.

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It knows a lot about how things are connected. You know, like—. And you can actually go in and then define how those things are connected.

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So this view will contain not only the elements that are connected through discovery, but the ones that you define as connected through custom connection definition. But the truth is that what most of the users out there are going to be dealing with is the mini stack view. So then, you always are trying to track that in an offline system, or something else, to know this server is part of the app tier for this application, but it also supports this other app.

So untangling that really is a pain. And that ends up being a lot of the time that you spend debugging stuff. But if instead, it comes to you— so, example, here, this SharePoint site, right? And in this case, this is actually a transaction detail page, right? And it shows me all of the environment components that are making up that application.

So right off the bat, when I see this thing pop up. This tells me, aha, this thing is part of something else. Is it lab? Is it just sort of a file server? I say, no, ooh, this is a bigger part of a thing. And this looks like this is actually a SQL Server issue. All right, I think this is that same one we just…. But, I can now see all the volumes that are involved— the data stores, I can see all the layers, the host servers, that are all part of this SharePoint environment.

And, you know, you forget how huge SharePoint can actually be. When I did the discovery on this and pulled this in, I was actually shocked. I was like, something must be wrong. It could possibly be that big.

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So, then again here, I can just go in and drill in directly to these mini views, right? We saw the full application stack view across everything.

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But, there was one thing here that is a part of this release. Can you think of any other products that can do that? That makes it pretty easy to do right from here. So I just wanted to show you that one other thing. One of the things you teased earlier, and probably is the most exciting thing of all this, is the scalability improvements that have been made in the product as a result of all of this. The agents.


Two men of similar backgrounds disappear from their normal environments as the result of individual encounters with an uncertain energy source. They resurface months later to select and put a family into a test situation designed by the energy. Two men of similar backgrounds disappear from their normal environments as the result of individual encounters with an uncertain energy source.

But this improvement is actually just a part of the SAM release. So the only trick to this is that you do have to have three or four products installed. The actual configuration for SAM is fairly easy. But remember that SRM now is a module on the Orion platform, just like other modules, right? So, STM, the original storage product, was actually separate.

So in this case, that piece of it is a lot easier now. At least we should cover the set up, configuration, and getting it working with SAM and the app dashboard. And, to back up a bit, we do need to cover the new storage resource monitor as well, too.

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It was really painful not to cover it in this episode. Are you sure, because I could get the laptop.

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We could just run a little long. Okay, so, be sure to sign up for show reminders and check out previous episodes. And most of all, keep your topic suggestions coming at our homepage, which is—ready?

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As many of you already know in our user community, shortly after we wrapped this episode, we lost Lawrence. And on SolarWinds Lab, he was just as he was all the time.

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He was opinionated, grounded, funny, expert, and above all, helpful. And his voice, and generosity, will be greatly missed. And after years of travel with him for trade shows, lots of lunches and happy hours, and literally hundreds of meetings with Larry, I have a lot to remember. But I think we all share a great recent memory of Lawrence just being Lawrence.