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Octavo, handsome blue cloth with gilded image or Tou Horatio Alger Collection. Three bibliographies are essential in determining print history and sequence of editions of Alger and we own all three: Bennett, Bob. Horatio Alger — A Comprehensive Bibliography , Gardner, Ralph D. Road to Success — the Bibliography of the works of Horatio Alger , revised. Categories: Book Assets Blog Articles.

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He wrote a few dull books with western settings in the following years, but remained stuck in his "poor boy makes good" formula. In the early s, librarians , teachers , ministers , and others interested in the well being of the young said the stories by Alger and other boys' writers were not suitable for children.

These people thought such books were too violent. Critics said his popularity among boys was due to his "sensational" style. In , one minister wondered why the public library allowed children to read books that could only demoralize and weaken them. He complained about "the endless reams of such drivel poured forth by Horatio Alger, Jr.


Alger's publisher A. Loring of Boston, Massachusetts was a victim of this censorship effort. The company had relied on Alger's stories to make them money, but Loring went bankrupt in These efforts to get rid of Alger's books were defeated. People started reading them again after his death.

Rags to Riches Stories The Essential Horatio Alger Collection eBook: Horatio Alger Jr.: Kindle Store. The Collected Works of Horatio Alger: 57 Novels Complete in One Volume Essential to any course on New York City, and perhaps to any course on the city in.

In , Alger wrote President James A. Garfield 's biography , From Canal Boy to President. He thought this was serious literary work. He hoped the book would make him famous. He paid no attention to the facts however. Instead, he filled the book with exciting details to thrill boy readers. The book was a success. It sold 20, copies. The publisher wanted to bring out an entire series about the great men of America. Alger was hired to write Abraham Lincoln 's biography. Once again, he paid no attention to the facts. He wrote thrilling details for boy readers.

The book did not sell well. He went on to write a biography of Daniel Webster.

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Then he stopped writing biographies. He said such books were time-consuming and required too much work. The publisher dropped the idea of a series. Alger led a quiet life in the years before his death. He dined out, went to the theater, and visited old friends. He kept in touch with the boys he had taken an interest in over the years. He read parts of Ragged Dick to boys' groups. He was a Republican , and took an interest in politics.

The quality of his writing deteriorated in his last years. He reworked his old books. Boys wanted more excitement and violence in books. Critics complained of the sameness in his characters, themes, and other details.

Alger defended his work. He said that his readers did not object to the "family resemblances", so why should the critics? In the last years of the s, Alger's books did not sell well. His income dwindled. He moved to his sister's house in South Natick, Massachusetts.

He died there on July 18, after an asthma attack. His death received little attention in the newspapers.

Horatio Alger, Jr.

He received a small amount of money when each story was published in book form. He was not rich at the end of his life, but he was not poor either. He left only small amounts of money to family and friends.


He also left them his copyrights , his manuscripts , and his personal library. People became interested in Alger's books in the twenty years after his death.

Horati Alger Jr.

This was the Progressive Era. It was a time when people wanted honest business practices, equal opportunity, and a return to old-fashioned values. About seventeen to twenty million Alger books were printed and sold during this time. People lost interest in Alger's books in the early s. His leading publisher stopped printing the books. Just before his death, Alger claimed to have sold , books during his years as a writer. More Alger books were sold per year after his death than were sold during the writer's lifetime.

Other writers adjusted Alger's morality and ethics to suit more money-focused times.

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These revisions remained strong until the beginning of the Great Depression in The quality of his literary allusions however makes his writing distinctive. These allusions set his work apart from the books cranked out in the "fiction factories" of the day. The Bible is referenced in more than half of his works. These allusions reveal Alger's knowledge of literature and "enhance the literary quality of his work". The most prevalent theme in Alger's novels is the "rise to respectability ".

Business success was important to the young Alger hero, but even more important was becoming a respected citizen. This does not mean a rise to wealth and riches. Many of Alger's books end with their young heroes getting modest clerical jobs in large firms. These jobs offer chances to rise further.

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Alger's heroes deserve their good fortune because they are virtuous young men. Alger was mainly a moral instructor for the young. He was content to guide boys on the path of piety and moral virtue rather than business success. Alger's books are filled with stereotypical characters and dramatic highpoints setpieces played over and over again in book after book.

Horatio Alger: The Myth of the American Dream

One such setpiece is the struggle between the virtuous young hero and a snobbish youth. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Shop Indie eBooks. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 0. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview This e-book will contain the largest Horatio Alger collection ever assembled for the Nook to date. If you are a fan of Horatio Alger novels, the this is a must have.

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