The Blackie Blackman Gang, Volume One, A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel

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Wilbur Wolfingham in space. With a bulbous red nose, battered top hat and ample belly, Bob moved from port to port, putting his own uniquely loquacious spin on every successive hardship that he and his comrade Buck Fifty encountered. Buck, who possessed a nose of Muppet-like dimensions had a vocabulary that consisted of the phrase "What? While Lobo prominently featured on each cover and Stealth searched for Chazza on behalf of the R. Only at the conclusion of 2 did the bum realize his mistake. Helping Chazza from the pig sty where he'd left him, Bob explained that it had all been a test.

All will be revealed in one year's time on the anniversary of this initiation. Bob cemented his relationship with Chazza when he met the prince's guru and challenged "this charlatan to a philosophical debate. Mind against mind. I'm grappling with him now. One of my theories has just overwhelmed several of his suppositions. Stand by for further news. Unfortunately, Bob did too good of a job. Chazza regained the throne but promptly abdicated, moved by Bob's "sacrifice" at giving up the freedom of space for life in a kingdom.

The Stratemeyer Syndicate produced this 20 volume series from through They were written by ghostwriters using the pseudonym "Roy Rockwood". The first ten Bomba the Jungle Boy books tell of his South American adventures and his quest for the discovery of his origins. The second set of ten books take Bomba on adventures set in different locales. Through the 30's and 40's, they re-issued the series in a number of different formats. The first ten were then re-issued again as a set in Also in , Clover Books, an imprint of McLoughlin Brothers, marketed the first half of the Bomba titles in a picture cover format.

In , producer Walter Mirisch began a series of low-budget adventure films based on the popular Bomba story books. He hired Johnny Sheffield, who had played Boy in the Tarzan films, to play the teen-aged jungle boy. There were eight films produced by Mirisch for Monogram between and , and four more produced by Ford Beebe for Allied Artists between and They are guided by an old friend, Andy Barnes.

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Pat and her gun-bearer Mufti explore the region called the Great Rift. When Mufti is killed by a leopard, a jungle boy named Bomba appears and kills the dangerous animal. Later that night, Bomba makes an attempt to contact Harland regarding his daughter's whereabouts, but he is wounded when the frantic photographer fires at the jungle boy.

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Pat accompanies the injured Bomba to his home, a cave overlooking a peaceful jungle paradise. Harland and Barnes, who believe that Bomba has kidnapped Pat, track the jungle boy, but are soon attacked by angry natives.

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The Blackie Blackman Gang, Volume One, A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel - Kindle edition by Larry Hill. Download it once and read it. The Blackie Blackman Gang Volume Two A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Back. The Yuma Prison: A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel . One of the best series I have read and will cxontinue buying the rest of the series.

Bomba and Pat arrive, and the youth saves the men from the fierce warriors. Harland discovers that Bomba was raised by an aged naturalist named Cody Casson, who has since died. Although he is offered passage back to civilization, Bomba prefers to remain with his jungle friends.

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It put one in a good humour to see it. It turned out that a Scotch doctor—a professor—a poet—who wrote books— gross wie das —had come nearly every day out of Frankfurt to the Eckenheimer Wirthschaft , and had left behind him a most savoury memory in the hearts of all its customers. I found myself a new being. In fact, last night I went to sleep immediately after dinner, or very nearly so. We paid fifty dollars for a room with a plywood door, and then we dropped our bags on the pair of single beds inside and went downstairs to the bar.

From mid through mid, National Periodicals Publications, Inc. They reprinted two of the tales in , but changed the character's name to Simba to avoid copyright infringement. With 23, the Bomb was back in the States and we never did learn what happened to his partners. The planet Molanto was ruled by a tyrant known as Bork, who wanted to conquer the entire galaxy rather than just his planet.

He laid plans to invade the planet Rann, sending Tyron, who was his most powerful warrior. Unfortunately, Tyron was discovered and executed by Rannian security forces as a spy. A wizard on Rann named Mordorh wanted to study the Molantan, as the warrior died in a very strange manner.

Molantans, when they die, pass over to another dimension known as the Netherworld, and Mordorh speculated that if a person could reach that dimension, they could revive the dead. Other Molantan spies brought back that information to Bork, who immediately attempted to revive Tyron. The attempt was more successful than Bork had imagined, as Tyron was now nearly invincible and totally obedient to the tyrant's commands.

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The discovery also caught the attention of the great Darkseid on Apokolips, finding it to be close to the Anti-Life Equation that he had long been searching for. Bork's agents told him that the process required each resurrection to have a host body, and that Mordorh had the formula key to access the Netherworld.

Bork went to Rann with his Black Council to get the formula. Their invasion was ended by the efforts of Adam Strange, the hero from Earth. Adam and Mordorh used a combination of science and sorcery to get rid of the formula, using a Zeta-Beam which Adam normally used to travel between Earth and Rann to send the tablet with the formula to Earth, and also sent it back in time.

Bork and his forces set up operations on Earth's moon, and began sending his agents back in time to look for the tablet. He also started testing the resurrection process on dead Earth people, using dead movie stars including Humphrey Bogart and W. Fields , thinking that they wouldn't cause much of a stir on the planet. At the same time, the Guardians of the Universe began making plans to stop him, believing that the situation called for them to take more than a passive role for once.

Bork also set up operations on the fifteenth floor of the Galaxy Communications Building, as his ever-increasing dimensional powers allowed him to inhabit the same space as a travel agency without the occupants being aware they were there.

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The Guardians allowed a young intern at the Daily Planet, Floyd Perkins, to see the aliens in the travel agency, hoping this would draw Superman into the fray. That didn't, but the resurrection of another Molantan outside the building did, and the Guardians telepathically told Superman of the creature's one weakness, which was that extremely low air pressure sucked the Molantan "demon" from it's host body. In the meantime, Bork had succeeded in finding the tablet with Mordorh's formula and planned to replace the Earth with Netherworld so he would have a mighty army of slaves to conquer the rest of the universe.

The Guardians then contacted Kaz, the chief admiral of Molanto for help.

He agreed, and also managed to lure several other of Earth's super-heroes into the battle including Batman with some fake clues. He then created a fake alien invasion to rally Earth's defenses together, which would in turn be used against Bork's invasion. As this was happening, the effects of Bork's "demons" traveling through time were beginning to be felt in the present, and the Guardians again interceded on Earth's behalf, sending numerous heroes into different time periods including Darwin Jones, Detective Chimp, Adam Strange, Uncle Sam, Thunderbolt, and Jimmy Olsen where they might be able to right things, but the side effects of Bork's search began to create bizarre alternate realities, including one in which the Nazis had won the second World War.

The fabric of reality was beginning to weaken substantially, and Bork was ready to start the merger of Netherworld and Earth, when Darkseid appeared and told him that, in fact, he was responsible for weakening the space-time continuum. Bork reminded him that it was he who had located Mordorh's formula and that they could share the universe, but of course, Darkseid does not share. He destroyed Bork with a powerful energy blast from his eyes though it did not appear to be his Omega Effect. Hal Jordan, super-villain. If you want a phrase guaranteed to generate controversy among Green Lantern fans, that's the one to use.

And yet, back in , Hal's own Uncle Titus was suggesting that very thing. Unfortunately, the public also regarded T. Titus approached his nephew with the challenge of using Jim Jordan's new public relations agency to correct his image as an ogre. Unknown to the young man, however, Titus had also been enlisted by Jim's wife, Susan, to prove that her husband was Green Lantern. At a family gathering at his estate that weekend, Titus hosted Sue, Jim and brothers Jack and Hal for a reunion.

With Jim escorted to the library to select photographs for his uncle's promotional campaign, Titus laid out the plan for the rest of the family. Hal finally agreed but he blanched when he saw what he was supposed to wear. The costume of the Bottler was in shades of light and dark orange and the bottle motif was everywhere, from stems on the gloves and boots to icons on his chest and cowl to miniature flasks on the belt. Hal's reaction had nothing to do with the design, though.

The Trail to Durango: A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel Audiobook by Larry Hill

When he interrupted the Bottler's warehouse heist, GL discovered that each flask on his belt contained a different threat, from explosives used to open a safe to knockout gas that rendered the Emerald Gladiator unconscious. Hal realized that playing along with Uncle Titus' game might flush out the real Bottler and he headed for the library to "'break in' and start 'robbing. Elsewhere, Jim told Sue that he'd already figured out what she and Titus were up to and strolled off to talk to the man he saw climbing in a window. Tapping the prowler on the shoulder, a smiling Jim said, "Hold it!

I know who you are.

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Inside, Titus handed over his collection of stamp rarities to "Hal,"complaining that his decision to tie him and Jack to their chairs was "going too far! After smothering one of the rogue's flask explosives in an energy sphere, Hal fired an enormous projectile at his foe. The unmasked thief was exposed as Titus' driver Williams. Jordan," GL speculated, "so he decided to put your idea into actual practice.

He became the Bottler in real life. I guess he was fed up being a chauffeur. While Green Lantern hauled the Bottler off to jail, his bruised brother was receiving virtually no sympathy from his wife. Sue was convinced that Jim had faked being struck and slipped off to become the Emerald Crusader. As if YOU needed it!