Notes from the Anchorhold

The Anchorhold, King's Lynn
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From the 12th to the 16th centuries, female anchorites consistently outnumbered their male counterparts, sometimes by as many as four to one in the 13th century , dropping eventually to two to one in the 15th century. The gender of a high number of anchorites, however, is not recorded for these periods.

The anchoritic life became widespread during the early and high Middle Ages.

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The consequence was that their utterances did not always follow the expectations of the church as we shall see. Its source is greed and ambition and its fruit is restlessness and frustration. Download preview PDF. This is how it is done. Messengers of the Most High The following really spoke to me this morning: "We understand that ordinary people are messengers of the Most High.

They tended to be a simple cell also called anchorhold , built against one of the walls of the local village church. Sometimes, if the anchorite were walled up inside the cell, the bishop would put his seal upon the wall to stamp it with his authority. Some anchorites, however, freely moved between their cell and the adjoining church.

Most anchoritic strongholds were small, perhaps no more than 3. Viewing the altar, hearing Mass , and receiving the Eucharist were possible through one small, shuttered window in the common wall facing the sanctuary, called a " hagioscope " or "squint". Anchorites provided spiritual advice and counsel to visitors through this window, gaining a reputation for wisdom. A third window, often facing the street but covered with translucent cloth, allowed light into the cell.

Anchorites committed to a life of uncompromising enclosure that could not be reversed at any time. Those who attempted to escape were returned by force and their souls damned to Hell. Their bodily waste was managed by means of a chamber pot. Servants tended to the basic needs of anchorites, providing food and water and removing waste.

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Julian of Norwich , for example, is known to have had several maidservants, among them Sara and Alice. Aelred of Rievaulx , who wrote De Institutione —the "Rule" for anchoresses—suggested having two maids: an older, sober woman and a younger one. In addition to being the physical location wherein the anchorite could embark on the journey towards union with God, the anchorhold also provided a spiritual and geographic focus for people from the wider society who came to ask for advice and spiritual guidance.

Julian of Norwich

Although set apart from the community at large by stone walls and specific spiritual precepts, the anchorite lay at the very centre of the community. The anchorhold has been called a communal 'womb' from which would emerge an idealized sense of a community's own reborn potential, both as Christians and as human subjects.

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Julian of Norwich, Anchoress Extraordinaire

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