Mad, Sad Stories by Guy de Maupassant: Translated by Shirley Mitchell

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I only recently made a Goodreads account so I could keep track of this stuff, although I'm fairly certain I've forgotten stuff I read before that point. I have a large stack of early Gothic novels and Romantic poetry collections on the docket for the new year.

I kept track this year. I hoped to get through more, but my pace of reading fluctuated a lot. Maybe I can hit 40 over the holiday break. December is "read anything month. I'm thinking of focusing on Dostoyevsky next year, maybe with a goal of reading all of the fiction. Michael B , Tuesday, 11 December eleven months ago link. No order. Asterisks indicate that I didn't finish them, either because they were big and i wanted to go onto something else, but i want to finish them Crashed or because they were palpable shit Forbidden Line or because they were functionally unreadable Sisyphean.

I ended up enjoying this very much!

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A group of businessmen and journalists are taking a trip on a private launch on the East River, the day after the notorious Mont Blanc Hotel fire in which three hundred died. These three present various contrasts to Bartleby, the withdrawn and increasingly work-shy scrivener: the first by his erratic and frequently destructive energy, the second by his dyspeptic ambition, the third by his youthful appetite. Which he does, until he succumbs to sleep. Throughout the turmoil she must endure, due to her egotistical ways, one would think she would have a change in heart and mindset Work: Position:. There is black humour as well as horror in this, and it confirms the way in which the tale makes us consider both seriously and sceptically the tortuous psychological labyrinths of a hyper-scrupulous morality.

Despite initially slagging it off quite heavily on the economics thread. This suggests there's a few more that aren't on my list here, suspect things like. I stumbled across it as a daytime TV showing a few years after chancing on the book. This year I did the GoodReads challenge, and set my target at 52 books. So far I've managed 63, but that includes cheaty graphic novels and cartoon collections, not to mention a ton of SF and a fair few Agatha Christies.

Next year I'm planning on going to Dublin for Worldcon, so intend to read a lot of Joyce in Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Phillip K. I'm unhappy with how little I read this year. I had a resolution to read short stories but that quickly got abandoned. I'm always glad to see others including comics stuff on their lists but if I included it on my own it would easily be of octuple length. In terms of word count, I'm sure I read more actual books, but in terms of sheer paper weight comics definitely win out.

Read about books so far this year. I wrote down some of those, thanks! Seriously though, how much time do you spend reading per day? I read a lot due to not knowing how to drive, so taking public transport everywhere, plus being antisocial at work in my lunch breaks, plus insomnia.

Plus being lazy. Thanks for yr interest RAG, but I just list and 'rate' books on Goodreads, as a diary for myself - no reviews or anything - exactly what I posted here in fact, plus cover images of the particular old paperback I actually read a source of vexation when a particular edition isn't there. I could have read so much more if I didn't keep falling asleep after work. It's been perplexingly hard to get my sleeping pattern right.

Why is it so hard? I recently heard writer Grady Hendrix say he often reads 6 books a day!


He's not any kind of dick waving showoff either, couldn't be further from that. I get the most serious reading done when I'm not feeling anxious or stressed from work. Otherwise I tend to blow my free time on the computer. I'm thinking about starting a reading blog next year to get a little more serious about writing.

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I haven't had a writing project in a long time, and books are basically my hobby right now. Also considering whether a daily reading journal might be a good idea. This was the first year I've kept a list of my reading -- I'm surprised how much I did. Retirement had a lot to do with it.

McKinney trans. RAG, my username is the same on Goodreads as it is here but with an underscore between.

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It's still very much a work in progress. James- Do you recommend the new Simon Ings ahead of his previous novels? I was thinking of starting at Wolves. Re Simon Ings: I liked but didn't love Wolves. The Smoke is just amazing. I suspect it's his best book though I have not read a number of his earlier novels. By the way, Sunday is the night to start reading Reve's The Evenings , one chapter a night until new year's eve.

Love that Michon though I read it in one sitting in a pub so need to re-read myself and also would be tempted to read his other translations despite these not being as well regarded in the nyrb Michon overview:.

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