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Trying to read everything through the Mormon prism does not seem like a promising vehicle for arriving at the truth; and the end of the day, all prisms distort light. Jake no. When we start Revelation tomorrow or Tuesday, the above is basically what I will say. Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Skinner, D. Kelly Ogden. For those who want a non-Mormon commentary on the Scriptures, I would suggest reading and sticking with non-Mormons.

To tweek a saying, what does Provo have to do with Athens? I do agree that Revelation is not entirely about the future, but its themes are not isoteric to a Mormon who is paying attention. The book is available online follow the links. A question for everyone: what in your opinion is the best one or two volume scholarly commentary on the New Testament? Jettboy Are you referring to the bibliography?

The bibliography is still very much a work in progress. We wanted to put the website up now to announce the conference on May When did this graduate program exist and why was it apparently discontinued? Which department granted the degree? What were the requirements? Who served on his dissertation committee and who was his adviser? These are important questions, at least to me. The author does not break new ground; rather, he synthesizes all of the latest scholarship regarding the New Testament and the circumstances surrounding its creation.

The Church seems to consider the King James Version to still be important I will grant that its language is reverent, not necessarily sacred , yet flawed hence the alternate translations from Hebrew and Greek, and the JST. Carole, that is certainly an element of the decision. And it is probably the overriding reason for the edition of the Bible in Spanish the Church produced a few years ago. Seeing the question about my degree, I thought I would respond. Because of the seriousness and extent of this project, I am not surprised some would be concerned if those involved had the skills and scholarship to do the job.

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The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos will inspire you to strengthen your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.​ Use these resources to enrich your study of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.​ The free app or inexpensive DVD will enrich your personal or group Bible Study. In the Old Testament this source is the Lord, and your . along with the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and by the part she took in the great drama of the fall;.

It may be well for the readers to know that each volume will have more than one author. Michael Rhodes and I have been tasked to do the volume on Revelation. But I digress. Due to the influence of Hugh Nibley, interest in scholarship in the ancient world greatly increased in LDS circles over the years generating a number of qualified scholars. It would be composed of four components: ancient history in general, an area of specialization in ancient history, ancient philosophy, and early christian history. It would also have a language component that would demand reading competency in German, French, ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

The concept for the degree was approved and applicants were accepted in for the school year Art Bailey and I were the first accepted into the program. Two years later, Kathy Thomas was accepted. The degree took six years of full time work to complete. It took Art and me eight years because, due to family demands, we had to return to work after four years. My adviser for the course work was C.

Wilford Griggs, a university professor. My adviser for the dissertation was John F. Hall, a professor in Classics. Before either oral or written exams could proceed, all language requirements had to be met. Before Kathy Thomas graduated, the University determined, so I was informed, to close the degree for two main reasons: first, the time factor of six years was felt to be excessive and second, the opportunity for full employment for those getting the degree was poor.

I hope that helps. Thanks for providing answers to my questions, in person no less!

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Your program sounds like it was rigorous and really interesting and I am glad that the BYU of those days had such a thing. It makes me a little sad that such a program is unheard of these days. But I think that BYU did show some wisdom in seeing just how difficult it is to land jobs in the academy, especially in the humanities and in the various fields of antiquity.

I look forward to your volume! Again, thanks for the answers, sometimes the internet almos makes me feel good about it. Draper, while we have you on the line as it were, would you care to comment on the title of the volume, esp. I doubt the ones I named would be online sources any time soon. See the following:. Well, maybe the possibility of a female apostle in Romans is a major exception, but even then there are legitimate alternate readings. Eric, I think a better way to express my thought if in fact that was my thought is that a modern translation more accurately renders the Bible than does the KJV.

The KJV sounds like Mormon scripture, whereas modern translations sound so … modern. Does inspiration or revelation play a role in translation, or is it purely an intellectual pursuit based on language, culture, and some of the other variables described earlier which do seem to matter. And is there any provision for differentiating doctrinal accuracy from historical accuracy, for example? Good questions, Brian. First, compared to the KJV, modern translations have access to better manuscripts, which obviously contributes to a better translation.

Second, a translation is aimed at a target audience of language speakers, and we 21st-century English speakers are not the target audience of the KJV, whereas we are for modern translations. Which is why modern translations are so much more readable.

Mormons criticize LDS curriculum’s treatment of slavery in the New Testament

As for accuracy, there are different approaches to translation, some which try to stay closer to the original wording, others allow more freedom to adopt the idioms of the target language. Brian, you might want to check my series on Bibles and translation, starting here. Tweet Print Email. Can we can? It would be more helpful to approach the Bible as if it were a library that contained books of many different genre instead of being all the.

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No Christian would presume to label all scripture as parable. Likewise all scripture should not be labeled as history.

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The Bible contains books of satire, law codes, poetry, parables, myth, conquest narratives, and prophetic revelation among other things. Readers should also keep in mind that ancient Israelites approached the use of history in scripture differently than modern authors. Historical accuracy is actually a modern concept. Biblical writers often fashioned history to teach a higher purpose. Download Transcript. I am now doing American religious history and Mormon studies, and my focus is actually kind of the same.

When I was at Chicago, I focused on the book of Genesis, and my interest at Claremont has really been on the conflict between science and religion, specifically between interpretations of Genesis and evolution. One of the things that we always have to talk about is distinguishing different kinds of things within the Bible. When you go to your library today or when you get onto Netflix, you notice that there are categories of things.

Go to the library, and you have fiction versus nonfiction. If you get onto Netflix, you can go documentary, you can go sci-fi, you can go mystery, or you can go foreign film.

These are all different genres — different kinds of things. When it comes to the Bible, the Bible also contains different kinds of things. In fact, the word Bible itself comes from a Greek word biblia , which means the books. The Bible was originally known as a collection of books; it was a library.

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However, Paul warns that to be a Christian, one must believe in the true Christ—the Jesus of the Bible—and not another Jesus. TV Watch Live. Whose Side is God On? Mike, Thanks for bringing that up a well taken point. You see, Mormonism teaches that Jesus is just one of countless other gods—a belief known as polytheism.

Within that library, just like our libraries, there are different kinds of things. Learning how to recognize the different things within it is a first step towards understanding it better. A lot of it has to do with Enlightenment assumptions that we have inherited and never looked at very closely. I think some of the unconscious reasoning goes like this: a revelation is truth from God and truth and enlightenment is fact — that means science and that means history. The word of God is truth, truth is fact, fact is science and history.

The problem with that is that it jettisons both a lot of common sense as well as some plain readings in the Bible. In the Old Testament, you get legal material as well as what scholars call cultic material; that is, most of Exodus and Leviticus is instructions about how to build the temple, how to carry out sacrifices we consider inspired.

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Then you get to Psalms and Proverbs, which are poetry and songs. Those are also inspired. What we have with parable is a genre where its truth is not dependent upon its historical value. Sometimes people are completely unaware of genre markers. Shortly after the Harry Potter books started coming out and were getting very popular, the Onion , which is a satirical news site, which is a common genre now, ran an article about how Harry Potter had been instrumental in turning children to Satanism, and they even had some photos of kids with pentagrams and witch hats and things. Apparently a good number of evangelical Christians cited this as evidence that Harry Potter was actually Satanic.

The problem was they did not recognize that this was satirical newspaper genre and thought it was real newspaper genre.