La Hermosa Vampirizada (La dama paliza) (Spanish Edition)

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Since we are living in a community, we want to be loved, respected and accepted. Hence, it is natural for us to want to do things that most people do. It is how you gain acceptance in life. Culture makes you fit into this world.

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But there is something inside each one of us that is individualistic and unique. While we all want to be accepted, we also have certain ideas that we want to project on to this world.

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Some people do it exceptionally well Krishna, Mohammed, Gandhi, Hitler , while others just come and go without affecting it substantially. When this happens substantially, though, there are always those who are resistant to change. This is not because a change in culture is inherently bad, but because they are scared at the prospect of having to change.

It cannot last long, it cannot win. The way I see it, this question really is a hypothetical. How can anyone answer it? When I think about this time of the year, the word tradition comes to mind along with thoughts of my maternal grandmother. My grandmother, like many grandmothers, was a strong supporter of family. She undoubtedly was the glue that held our family together.

We were one big happy family that traveled over the highways and the byways to a familiar place called home. Although we now gather at different places with some old and some new faces, it is the tradition of "gathering" that she instilled in us.

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Tradition is generally defined as long-standing beliefs, practices or customs that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Every culture, every race or group of people have their own rich customs and traditions. In a Reith lecture sponsored by the British Broadcasting Company, Anthony Giddens, director of the London School of Economics, stated, "You can treat the global age today as a battle between modernity and tradition. For example, some may regard Kwanzaa, celebrated between December 26 and January 1, as a holiday that African descendants carried over from their native land hundreds of years ago.

This holiday is a product of the 20th century although the principles of Kwanzaa originate from ancient African harvest celebrations. Tradition, according to Giddens, has several key elements.

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First, it involves some form of ceremonial ritual or ritualistic behavior. Second, tradition involves a group of people; it's collective and social in nature. Third, traditions have guardians such as historians that have access to the knowledge or the truth of tradition's sacred rituals.

Fourth, tradition stirs emotion within individuals to bring about a greater sense of self-awareness. In some cultures, these rituals are important to one's self-identity within the context of a larger society. Sometimes tradition changes from its present form into something else. While Extension, for example, has a long-standing rural tradition, it is expanding into urban environs as farmlands give way to pockets of urban communities.

Yet, Extension's true tradition is helping people. In thinking about the importance of tradition, traditions are practiced throughout every civilization known to man.

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Tradition is family gathering together for feast and fellowship. It is a series of rituals that give it greater value and power. It is kept alive by guardians who shed light on its true essence or its most basic truths. It is comprised of emotion that helps individuals better understand themselves and their relation to society. That is service to individuals, service to families, service to communities, service to society and ultimately, service to the world.

Let us hope that this rich tradition never changes, but merely reinvents itself to serve a greater good!


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. One of the most famous French writers of the nineteenth century, Alexandre Dumas () first achieved success in. La dama pálida (Histoire de la Dame pâle), también traducido La Hermosa Vampirizada (La dama paliza) Kindle Edition, 84 pages .. Alexandre Dumas, père (French for "father", akin to Senior in English), born Dumas Davy de la.

Second, because culture, ethics and traditions were the inherent parts of spirituality of nations, tribes, ethnics. Third, because the multikulti, cosmopolitanism, and liberalism lead finally to immorality, degeneration of cultures, ethics, and traditions - and at the same time thy lead to chaos, disorders, and wars. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. They overflow with curiosity and open-mindedness.


They love to challenge the status quo. Politics and Nation. People were dying, and they should have outsourced the investigation from the very beginning. Having institutions investigate their own practices is a conflict of interest from the get-go, says Rosenberg.


Scientists, universities, and research institutions are also not immune to fads. The relative scarcity of resources intensifies the already significant pressure on scientists. They may want to publish results rapidly, since they face many competitors for limited grant money, academic positions, students, and influence. The scarcity means that a great many researchers will fail while only a few succeed. Once again, the temptation may be to rush research and to show it in the most positive light possible, even if it means fudging or exaggerating results.

Intense competition can have a perverse effect on researchers, according to a study in the journal Science of Engineering and Ethics. Not only does it place undue pressure on scientists to succeed, it frequently leads to the withholding of information from colleagues, which undermines a system in which new discoveries build on the previous work of others. Researchers may feel compelled to withhold their results because of the pressure to be the first to publish. He also notes that, while American scientists can go to the Office of Research Integrity to report misconduct, whistleblowers in Europe have no external authority to whom they can appeal to investigate cases of fraud.

Science is increasingly international.


Azumi rated it really liked it Feb 14, Thanks so much for sharing this. Pakapalan na lang ng mukha. When I think about this time of the year, the word tradition comes to mind along with thoughts of my maternal grandmother. Viromunchkin rated it really liked it Aug 16,

Major studies can include collaborators from several different countries, and he suggests there should be an international body accessible to all researchers that will investigate suspected fraud. Ultimately, says Rosenberg, the scientific system must incorporate trust.

Scientific research is overwhelmingly financed by tax dollars, and the need for the goodwill of the public is more than an abstraction. The Macchiarini affair raises a profound question of trust and responsibility: Karolinska apparently believes so. When the institution at last owned up to the scandal, it vindictively found Karl Henrik-Grinnemo, one of the whistleblowers, guilty of scientific misconduct as well. Accusations of research misconduct can be a career killer. Research grants dry up, employment opportunities evaporate, publishing becomes next to impossible, and collaborators vanish into thin air.

Grinnemo contends that co-authors should only be responsible for their discrete contributions, not for the data supplied by others. This is especially true in multidisciplinary, translational research, where there are sometimes 20 or more authors.