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Erika is passionate about chiropractic and believes it can help everyone at any age but she is especially interested in treating babies and children, having been part of the acclaimed AECC Newborn Feeding clinic.

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Having spent her whole life in Dorset, Erika enjoys beach walks with her dogs, crafting and listening to live music. She still plays when she has time! Originally from Bournemouth Sarah has been working in the local area for the past 3 years. She enjoys treating any musculoskeletal problems within the body but takes a special interest in treating sports related injures and supporting people through pregnancy. Prior to her decision to study chiropractic and during her course of study she enjoyed working as both a healthcare assistant and as a support worker giving her a strong grounding in working with people within a healthcare setting.

From there she chose to study for a chiropractic masters degree, where, due to her own hobbies she took a very keen interest in the treatment of sports and overuse injuries. During her final year clinical placement this gave her, alongside working within the day to day clinical setting, the opportunity to go out and work with a local community sports team and with athletes from further afield. Holly has always shown an interest in chiropractic after experiencing the benefits for herself from a young age.

During her studies she also obtained a sports massage qualification. Holly has a creative, active background with an interest in performing arts and fitness. She has also previously worked as a Zumba instructor. These interests have formed an affinity for movement and its effect on the human body. She has just returned from an action packed trip travelling all over Central America. Her adventures have included practicing her Spanish, hiking volcanoes, experiencing different cultures and meeting amazing people.

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Doctor, Doctor

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