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Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote the music and acted as co-producers. The show had 1, performances, won six Tony Awards one for Best Musical and sold over 3 million albums. It was the filming of the story that, however, made The Sound of Music world famous, and so popular that today nearly every English speaking child is raised with its songs. Schulman directed. The Hollywood Movie ]. The first reviews of the film were extremely negative. The premiere party was like the wake of a funeral.

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Bitter film executives who failed to cash in or who were fired because of being copycats blamed The Sound Of Music for ruining the movie business. One person who had a great time was Maria von Trapp who made a brief cameo in the film. She loved how Hollywood changed things. So what if in real life the Von Trapps had no problem getting out of Austria and that their real problem had been getting past American immigration?

Who cared if she had lashed out at her step-children when they wanted to quit their musical careers and had felt uncomfortable all living together out of a bus for eighteen years? And the best part was the handsome young actor they got to play the Captain. The marriage had been more for security than for love.

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When introduced to Christopher Plummer who played the Baron, the former nun shocked him by greeting him with a big kiss on the lips. Trapp Family Lodge. The chalet which the family turned into a lodge burned to the ground in The future loomed before them, and they immediately planned to rebuild. The new Trapp Family Lodge is built for the future with the flavor of the past.

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In , thirty-three years after the Trapp family started welcoming guests to their room lodge on acres, they opened their doors to a new room resort with the same old-world charm of the original lodge, but today sprawling on 2, mountainside acres. The present. The surviving six children returned to Salzburg October 31 through to November 7, Today, most of the surviving von Trapp family live down-to-earth lives in rural Vermont, except for Agathe — who lives near Baltimore, Maryland, where she is working in a kindergarten [ and where is Eleonore?


The fictionalized play and movie, The Sound of Music, continue to captivate audiences around the world. Apart frm the Broadway revival, every year some to high schools perform their versions the show.

The von Trapps take pride not in The Sound of Music , but in their own music—music that they performed together as a family for almost twenty years. Book by Geor von Trapp:. Books by others:. See also:. Trapp Family Lodge Stowe, Vermont. Estela U, Mmm — some interesting bits.

The idea that monarchies are stable, and stability is good for oil extraction has been the driving force behind most countries diplomacy in the region for the past century or so, certainly. Another view of Britain in Iraq the first time around: www. More info on the above: www.

One of the pilots mentioned was Arthur Harris — more commonly known for his role in ordering the fire bombings of European cities, including Dresden. From my point of view, the world is, by and large, a happier, stabler, more civilised, and safer place these days. Illustrating the pages are photographs from the archive of Gertrude Bell , an archaeologist who served with British Intelligence during the First World War. Bell founded the Iraq Museum in Baghdad in the s. Her archive is held at the University of Newcastle. The Archives Hub provides a single point of access to descriptions of archives held in UK universities and colleges.

At present these are primarily at collection-level, although where possible they are linked to complete catalogue descriptions. Gertrude Bell was born into a wealthy upper class family in County Durham in She visited Persia with her cousin Frances Lascelles whose father was then ambassador in Tehran, and it was here that Bell began her successful foray into the learning of other languages: Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian and German lessons were all enthusiastically undertaken she already knew French. During this early trip to the Middle East she discovered that she enjoyed mingling with the European diplomatic personnel abroad; and they, in turn, whilst not accepting her as a complete social equal — she was, after all, a woman — certainly respected her social standing, her intelligent interest in political affairs and her linguistic abilities.

The story of Gertrude Bell, traveller, diplomat, archaeologist and photographer really begins in Jerusalem in Amongst the earliest of her archaeological photographs are views and details of the Old City walls and gates, the Temple Mount and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

She also began to photograph people — Arab residents, Christian pilgrims, Jews at prayer, Bedouin encampments, Europeans at leisure — they all caught her eye. Picture left , A Jews from Bokhara, on roadside near Jerusalem. She used a early Kodak, but she belongs to the second generation of archaeological photographers. In fact she was one of a fairly large band of British late Victorian and Edwardian archaeologists in the Middle East who benefited from the invention of flexible negative film in , and so were able to travel widely with a camera, and to photograph so much that was to disappear forever during the Great war and the subsequent upheavals.

Left , Bell , shows gatekeeper of bridge over River Jordan. The party camped in tents brought with them on pack mules. She was smitten.

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On and on over gigantic furrows with no view till at 4 we came to the top of the last [furrow] and saw Kerak ringed with forts standing up on its hill. Down ft. I got up at 7 and photographed. Breakfasted at 8 and then took an old ruffian called Girius, a Christian, to guide me…The lamb has not arrived! Arriving back in Jerusalem in April, she immediately made plans for her next journey into the desert — again with correct entourage of course, with usually comprised members of the household of Dr Rosen, a German diplomat known to the Bells. Her second foray out of Jerusalem in April comprised quite a party:.

Photographs taken down at the Dead Sea during this journey reveal the tight riding garments required of respectable Europeans. Even in March and April the heat must have been oppressive, though Bell did improve her personal comfort on this journey by wearing a divided skirt and riding astride, not side saddle.

Now 32 years old, she was starting to display some spirit and a genuine fascination for the ancient ruins. The realisation seems to have begun to grow within her that her travels need a purpose — a visible, public purpose — and that astute observation would be required to differentiate her from the common herd and tourist caravans. Her expeditions would have to be ambitious, reaching far-flung outposts, and meticulously recorded and reported.

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She herself would need to be respected and assisted throughout the region. And thus she very deliberately began carving out her niche in the Middle Eastern world, finding it relatively easy to be introduced to the Europeans and easterners with power and influence. Her ambitious journeys impressed the middle Eastern community. To add to this, Bell not only photographed and chronicled such journeys in diaries and letters — she took some photographs on her final journey alone — but she also published a number of academic books about the landscapes and archaeological remains which she encountered, examined and recorded.

Perhaps the best known of these is the evocatively titled The Desert and the Sown , first published in England in She also gave public lectures during her visits to England, famously packing out the lecture room of the Royal Geographical Society in London on one such occasion. Sometimes I have gone to bed with a heart so heavy that I thought that I could not carry it through the next day. Repeating History in Iraq? Well, if she could bulldoze her way into turn-of-the-century Oxford, she could travel, on camelback, through the wildest parts of Arabia, which she did between and It was just Bell and a small band of retainers and porters.

She went under the aegis of the English foreign secretary Edward Grey.

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Her journey took her from Baghdad over to Damascus and from thence several hundred miles to the south, until she turned east and then north up through Najaf and then returned to Baghdad. The obvious advantage for the Foreign Office was that few would suspect such an elegant and no-nonsense lady of spying. In her travels, she met up with T. Lawrence, but her heart-throb was an English vice-counsel named Maj. Charles Doughty-Wylie. Thus, this book makes up an extended series of love-letters from her to him, in the restrained Edwardian style.

The desert was wild not only with dust and storms, but warring tribes, none of whom trusted anyone else, much less strangers. It was probably the very weirdness of this thin-faced lady turning up on camel, speaking excellent Arabic, that saved her from rapine. Her vision of the Syrian Desert and its inhabitants was touched by a romantic spirit, but she was able to see the meanness of the lives of women who had been kidnapped, forced to be wife — one of many — to the local Sheiks.

But where she achieves greatness is in the vignettes of beauty that, somehow, she was able to create out of this barren nowheresville. This from April 25, We were off before dawn, a clear still morning. And before we had been on our way two hours a great storm marched across our path ahead of us. We, riding in a world darkened by its august presence, watched and heard. The lightening flickered through the cloud masses, the thunder spoke from them and on the outskirts companied of hail, scourged and bend by a wind we could not feel, hurried over the plain and took possession of the mountains.

Can you imagine some CIA operative in present day Syria quoting a verse from Shelley in his official report? The printing and layout of the diaries, and the photographs, are glorious, a true credit to Syracuse University. Items are sold AS-IS.

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I try to list several times a week, if you are interested in other listings, please notify me by email so I can hold your package for a later shipment. I ship packages Monday-Thursday, and try to have your shipment mailed within 2 business days. The rest was fields and pastures. Franciscan Fathers had once owned this beautiful spot. On the highest point of the island the ruins of the church and the convent were still standing. The monks had planted a garden with medicinal herbs.

The old walls were overgrown with honeysuckle, wild roses, oleander, and laurel. A walk through this little paradise in the full moonlight was unearthly beautiful. He had been born in Zara, half-way down the Dalmatian coast, into a family of an Austrian Navy officer.

They had lived in Trieste awhile and, until , in Pola. He also knew Signor Pauletta, who owned a hardware store in Pola before the war.